At PRODCON we believe that systems and technology are enablers to help people achieve their objectives. Our value proposition to organizations, be it large or mid-size companies, is to allow you to concentrate on your core business activities while we handle the technology for you. Our core team comprises of experts from various disciplines who can step in to handle function specific tasks and to chart out a course of action for the deployment team.

With multi-platform expertise on Linux, Windows, MAC OS, Databases, Network and Networking devices and alliance with some of the leading global brands, we form a potent combination to analyse, define and implement solutions to fit your requirement.

Infrastructure (FMS and Remote Monitoring) Management Services

Efficient monitoring and management of infrastructure including operating systems, servers, networks, database, application, storage etc. is the basis of IT Facility Management Services. We cater to the requirements of the enterprise designing solutions to optimize, increase productivity and reduce downtime of clients IT infrastructure. Prodcon optimizes and maintains IT service continuity, reduces safety risks, manages and controls infrastructure costs effectively. Our solutions are based on proven methodologies and practices managed both on-site and offsite vendor collaboration. The integrated facilities management services play a pivotal role in improving performance and increasing strategic value for any businesses across a range of industry sectors.


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